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Luton DART’s Gateway Bridge moved to final location

02 December on Projects  

Last week marked the end of the construction of the Gateway Bridge on the designated bridge build area. Our team performed the last weld tests and did the last paint touch-ups to get this 1000-tonne bridge ready for its move. ALE Heavylift jacked up the bridge in preparation of the transport. The busy Airport Way was closed during the weekend and SPMT's drove the bridge  down the road for roughly a mile to its final location. There it was rotated and lowered down on its abutments. The bridge now links the Parkway Station and viaduct with the future rail tracks on the Airport side.

This move marks an important milestone of the Luton DART project and is a good opportunity to thank everybody involved for the good cooperation! Victor Buyck built this bridge for the principal contractor VolkerFitzpatrick-Kier jv.